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Celeste Noche


Hey! I’m Ev’Yan Whitney. I’m a sex educator and a sexuality doula™ who helps women and femme-identifying folks step out of shame, fear, and trauma and into sexual liberation. I do this through teaching online courses, facilitating in-person workshops, and guiding my clients toward healing and liberating their sexuality via one-on-one sessions.

I created The Sexually Liberated Woman to continue the conversations I was having with my clients about their courageous sexual liberation journeys and to have those conversations be witnessed by others. TSLW has since turned into a save haven for budding sexually free people can go to learn, evolve, and reclaim themselves.

You can find more about my work at my website, evyanwhitney.com. You can also follow me on Instagram: @evyan.whitney.

For business and sponsorship inquiries: evyan@evyanwhitney.com

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