Episode 1: Kate is a Sexually Liberated Woman

Photo Credit to Nikki Jumper

Photo Credit to Nikki Jumper

A candid intimate conversation between Ev'Yan Whitney & her previous client, Kate, where they chit-chat about her (Kate's) sexual liberation journey & how the sex is now. They travel through Kate's journey from feeling like "one of the boys" and her resistance towards femininity to understanding the strength in being sensitive.

Now, as a sexually liberated woman, Kate overcame her controlling nature of her body, putting off desires and how to set boundaries. Other things discussed: learning to trust instincts, masturbation as grounding, becoming more playful during sex and advice to Kate's past self.

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What we talked about --- 

> How Kate's "hunger for more" and wanted to feel bliss & pleasure constantly led her to confront her controlling ways

> Her internalized rejection of femininity and viewing it as weak made her not understand what being a women meant for her

> Understanding and embracing her own sexual desires as she became more aligned in her body

> Getting to a point of liberation and finding the playfulness and vulnerability in sex 

Ev'Yan Whitney