Episode 11: Our Polyamorous Relationship


Last we spoke, I told you about how my husband and I have been dating and having sex with other people, also known as polyamory.

In talking about this adventure, I focused a lot on my own experiences—about the people I dated and all the emotions that came up for me while doing so. But I didn’t so much talk about how it affected my marriage. I didn’t talk about how it affected my husband.

A lot of that had to do with the fact that I didn’t want to speak for him. Jonathan’s feelings are his, as is his story, and I didn’t feel comfortable going into detail about how all of this played out in our relationship without chatting with him first.

But I’ve been wanting to talk about all of that. I’ve been wanting to reflect on everything he and I have been through.

So, I asked Jonathan to tell his side of the story.

In this episode of the Sexually Liberated Woman podcast, we talk about. . .

How it was Jonathan and I decided to take our monogamous relationship and turn it into a non-monogamous one.

/ The three things each of us have learned since opening up our relationship again, like. . .

  • How sex and intimacy with others surprisingly brought us closer together (Jonathan)

  • How discovering a brand new sexual orientation blew my mind (Ev’Yan)

/ Some of the old beliefs we had to destroy while dating other people, like the idea that we have a limited amount of love and sexual energy we can give each other.

/ One of the harder emotions that came up for Jonathan while I was dating women (and it made me burst into laughter).

And our advice for polyamory newbies, like how to handle jealousy.

“I love you and I want you to be fulfilled in your desires and in your queerness.” —Jonathan


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Some things mentioned in this episode:

About Jonathan: He’s been seeking the truth about masculinity for the last ten years and teaches men how to embody their innate, wild, masculine strength at uncagedman.com. Check out his wild adventures on Instagram @jonathanmead.

Ev'Yan Whitney