Episode 2: Emily is a Sexually Liberated Woman


A candid intimate conversation between Ev'Yan Whitney & her previous client, Emily, where they chit-chat about her (Emily's) sexual liberation journey & how she came home to her body.  The themes of trust, barriers and shame around belly fat highlight Emily's path that leads her to celibacy.

She also goes in depth about acknowledging the warrior woman that had always lived inside of her and embracing her. Other things discussed: deepening connections with others, letting go of expectations to find the flow in life and nurturing the relationship between sexuality and creativity.

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What we talked about --- 

> Opening up to the body and taking down barriers to feel a connection to self and others

> Shame around the belly and understanding the power that lies within it

> The protection and guidance from the inner warrior woman that is already part of us

> Seeing masculinity and men in a positive light and becoming more comfortable with it

> The trust in yourself, body and instincts will be a guiding force to the path you're on

Ev'Yan Whitney