Episode 29: Black Pleasure Matters

Afrosexology headshot2018.jpeg

Ev'Yan has a conversation with Dalychia and Rafaella, the radical babes behind Afrosexology.com. They do incredible and work around educating, liberating, and healing black sexuality by creating spaces for black women and femmes to find sexual pleasure and erotic joy.

The three of them talk about using pleasure as an act of resistance and the importance of black women prioritizing feeling good, especially during times when we are fighting anti-blackness and racism constantly.

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For show notes + a transcription of this episode: http://bit.ly/slw-ep29

What we talked about:

> rejecting white supremacy and respectability politics

> a practice of pleasure for weary, traumatized, microaggressed black women/femmes

> celebrating black sexuality through music; using masturbation and orgasm to remind you that your life matters; and what white people can do to help liberate black sexuality.

Ev'Yan Whitney