Episode 3: Ingrid is a Sexually Liberated Woman


A very personal story about one woman's journey to sexual liberation after being a victim of sexual trauma. Ev'Yan reads the words of former client who wished to share her experience anonymously under the name Ingrid.

Ingrid's words paints an all too familiar story of sexual trauma, retreating from her body and repressing sexual desire. But her 8 month journey working with Ev'Yan, led Ingrid to finding a foundation to build a connected sex life and relationship with her body. Other things discussed: lack of sexual connection in a relationship, making sexual liberation a priority, and understanding the power of sex.

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What was talked about --- 

> Having a strained relationship with sex causes a disconnected in your own body and within relationships

> Following instincts to find the help from those you understand your past and show you how the future can look like

> Finding the power and connect in sex to heal trauma and reconnect in a relationship 

Ev'Yan Whitney