Episode 30: Slow & Sensual


A call to arms to slow the f— down. In this one, Ev'Yan shares a simple practice of sensual embodiment that she gives her clients (and uses herself) when she's too much in her head and not in her body. Sensuality is a huge and important part of sexuality. We cannot be sexually liberated if we don’t have a mindful relationship with our sensual bodies.

Ev'Yan also chats about her recent trip to NYC where she challenged and dismantled some seriously massive fears and limiting beliefs (and she's really damn proud of herself).

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What is talked about:

> Ev’Yan shares her excitement and growth about her first solo trip to New York City, she tackles dreams and embraces how her work touches others

> Ev’Yan reads a part of her course 30 Days of Sensuality to highlight the importance of sensuality with sexuality

> The passage discusses how we all rush around our life and do not prioritize slow down and feeling connected to our bodies. Ev’Yan challenges you to “slow the fuck down”

Ev'Yan Whitney