Episode 4: My Sexless Marriage


A conversation between Ev'Yan Whitney and her partner of almost ten years about how their past sexless marriage and the process they went to heal it. Jon interviews Ev'Yan as the two explore their individual sexual liberation journeys and as a married couple.

They get very honest how Ev'Yan's past creating distance, the catalysts she needed to gain knowledge, and they collectively took action to create the sex life they wanted. Other things discussed: their marriage before sexual liberation, recreating beliefs around sex and Ev'Yan shares advice to anyone beginning their sexual liberation journey.

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What we talked about --- 

> The catalysts in Ev'Yan's life which led her to a begin her journey of sexual liberation

> How traumas from past sexual experiences created tension and unfulfilling sex life between Ev'Yan and Jon

> The steps and actions they took as a couple and individuals to unlearn beliefs and learn about different narratives of sexuality

> The importance of making sexual health a priority and a part of self 

> Ev'Yan shares words of wisdom and advice to anyone beginning their ow journey 

Ev'Yan Whitney