Episode 40: The Trauma Queen with Jimanekia Eborn


Ev’Yan sits down with comprehensive sex educator and sexual assault and trauma expert, Jimanekia Eborn to speak all about sexual trauma. First, Jimanekia shares her personal story about how she came into doing this work and then, the two of them go into what it looks like to support sexual assault survivors through their healing.

Jimanekia speaks about the ways trauma seems to be a norm among sexual educators but how the conversation of trauma still isn’t the focus in education. She also helps us understand and accept our triggers, and gives us a lesson on what the difference is between ally and accomplice.

Throughout this conversation, Jimanekia’s energetic personality and drops of knowledge reshape our ideas of what dealing with trauma looks like.

Enjoy this down-to-earth discussion with Ev’Yan and Jimanekia, as they sound like the big sister trauma experts you didn’t know you needed. They will give you permission to go slow, they will show you how to advocate for your own needs, and they’ll help you understand that to heal is to rebuild yourself to be stronger.


What’s in this episode—

  • The importance of centering healing from trauma within sexual education

  • Understanding what a trigger is and how to accept how your body reacts

  • Why we’ve got to work through the hard stuff (i.e., trauma) to get to the fun stuff

  • What is means to be an accomplice and support of survivors—both as friends and lovers

  • How to take care of yourself as a survivor, and some encouraging words from Jimanekia

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Mentioned in this episode:

Jimanekia Eborn is a Queer Media Consultant, Comprehensive Sex Educator, and Sexual Assault & Trauma Expert. She is the host of Trauma Queen - a podcast mini-series for survivors of assault and our allies. The podcast focuses on uplifting voices in all communities and exploring our collective journey to healing.

Follow Jimanekia on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and learn more about her work over at her website.

Ev'Yan Whitney