Episode 41: 21 Sex Questions feat. Ev'Yan's Mom and Sister


Ev'Yan's mom and sister return for a riveting, funny, and lighthearted game of 21 questions where they each share their sexual confessions and personal experiences with each other. Ev’Yan’s mom even learns maybe a little too much about “butt stuff”.

The family’s open and lighthearted sexual confessions brings them even closer together and an amazing moment to capture and share.

This mother-daughter(s) conversation is the perfect example of what generations of sexually liberated women look like.

If you want to hear more about Jarani’s sexually liberation journey, check out episode 36 and for Simone’s, go to episode 19.

What’s in this episode—

  • “Would you rather?” questions that make everyone uncomfortable

  • Game of Thrones crushes, dirty music, and embarrassing stories

  • How to cope with being a germaphobe during sex

  • Good advice and “mommyisms” from Ev’Yan’s mom


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And if you’d like to have a similar discussion with your loved ones, use the questions below to facilitate a conversation about sex and sexuality.


  1. What do you think about the term making love?

  2. Have you ever fooled around in the backseat of a car?

  3. Would you rather accidentally send a dirty voicemail to your boss or to mom?

  4. What’s a dirty song about sex that you used to sing and love before you knew it was about sex?

  5. Have you ever been caught in the act?

  6. Which do you think is more true: that it's about the size of the boat or the motion of the ocean?

  7. What is it about your husband that you’re most attracted to?

  8. Have you ever been hit on by a woman?

  9. How many people do you think you’ve kissed?

  10. What is your opinion of sexting? And have you ever done it?

  11. Would you rather: never have sex again or never be able to use the internet for the rest of your life?

  12. Where is the most unconventional place you’ve ever had sex?

  13. Have you ever faked a headache to get out of sex?

  14. How do you feel about butt stuff?

  15. Which celebrity would you hypothetically leave your man for?

  16. Have you ever received a hickey?

  17. Name a funny thing that happened to you during sex.

  18. Have you ever flirted with a stranger?

  19. When do you feel your sexiest?

  20. What do you think of incorporating food in sex?

  21. If you had to give someone a piece of sex advice, what would you give them?

Ev'Yan Whitney