Episode 44: Are You Cliterate? With Sophia Wallace


Ev’Yan chats with conceptual artist and “clit activist” Sophia Wallace—best known for her viral art project Cliteracyto talk about all of the myths and misconceptions about the clitoris (and there’s a lot). Sophia’s own realization of the true anatomy of the clit is what fueled her need to become cliterate, which is the practice of being clitoris literate.

Sophia highlights how society’s ignorance and neglect of the clit negatively affects women and femmes’ pleasure as a whole. Her no BS approach pops throughout this conversation. She’s unafraid to not just call out patriarchal bias, but even self-imposed ones, like around what kind of orgasms people with clits and vaginas are “supposed” to be having and how still viewing the clit and vulva as a delicate flower downplays its strength and tenacity.

This episode celebrates and demystifies the clitoris with the hopes to empower anyone who has one. Sophia and her work Cliteracy is one part of a larger conversation of sexual liberation and reclaiming the power of the clit. 

Remember to check out all the resources at the bottom of the show notes! There’s so much info you don’t want to miss.

What’s in this episode —

  • Understanding the true autonomy of the clit and its power around pleasure

  • The constant presence of penises in history and society, and why the clitoris is largely non-existence

  • The brief scientific history of the discovery and research around the clit; its importance and limitations

  • The need to use the language around the clit, vulva and vagina correctly

  • The demonization of clit-centered pleasure and its effects on sex 

  • How we can all practice cliteracy and become more cliterate


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Must-read resources to help you become more cliterate—


Sophia Wallace is a conceptual artist best known for creating CLITERACY a viral art project that has sparked a global movement. Working in mixed media including sculpture, photography, installation, street art and performance, Wallace is interested in the resilience and thriving of the othered body. Her work is shown widely in the US and internationally including Spain, Austria, Mexico, Italy, Nigeria and the UK. Critical recognition of Wallace's work includes the Atlantic, PBS, ARTE, The Guardian, Art in America, Teen Vogue, Time, VICE, and Huffington Post among others.

Follow Sophia on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and check out her website to find more information on upcoming projects.

You can also follow her project Cliteracy on Instagram.

Ev'Yan Whitney