Episode 45: Sex and Cannabis with Jarani Taja


Ev’Yan brings back her sister and cannabis expert, Jarani, to talk about their individual relationships with weed and sex.

This episode is a continuation of a conversation that they started on episode 36 where she and Jarani both discussed about using cannabis to deal with pain relief and also the amazing effect it has of enhancing sex. They finally get to dive deep on a topic that Ev’Yan’s been dying to talk about and Jarani is excellent at sharing her expertise in.

Their playful sister banter flows throughout this conversation as they share their first times consuming, the good and bad highs they’ve experienced, and how Ev’Yan initially went to Jarani for help to find a strain combination that worked for her. Jarani also gives examples of different strains and their effects, some of her favorite cannabis-infused sexual products, and advice when trying to figure out how much to consume. 

If there were any doubts or hesitation around cannabis use, this episode will help ease them, and even give some recommendations to any advanced cannabis users out there.

What’s in this episode —

  • The privilege of living in a state where cannabis is legalized and a critique of the racial disparities within the cannabis industry

  • The differences between THC and CBD, and why it’s important that you are mindful about what you’re consuming

  • The physical and mental health benefits of cannabis, and how to use it to increase pleasure and relax your body

  • Why it is that weed can make you feel so good

  • What it looks like to destigmatize and demystify weed use

  • And some tips to help you explore cannabis in your own sex life


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Jarani Taja is living the legal cannabis dream in Portland, OR as a 10+ year cannabis consumer and Assistant Manager at an amazing dispensary called Electric Lettuce. Jarani’s mission is to destigmatize cannabis, equip people with the knowledge they need to introduce cannabis into their lifestyle, and improve their quality of life. Jarani has helped thousands of people who have walked into her dispensary each year take control over their own healing, relief, relaxation, or pleasure. She’s determined to help thousands more by combining new research and first-hand experience, and simplifying it into light-hearted and easy to grasp videos. Follow her journey and empower yours!

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