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The Sexually Liberated Woman is a radical response to a world that is constantly trying to dampen our sexual radiance and keep us small.


I am sexually liberated. And I want you to be, too.

The Sexually Liberated Woman is an independent podcast that celebrates women's and femme’s sexual liberation with sex-positive dialogue on the topics of sex, gender, identity, and relationships; vulnerable discussions about sexual healing; and intimate glimpses of others' sexual liberation journeys and how they freed themselves from shame.

Hosted by sexuality doula and sex educator, Ev'Yan WhitneyThe Sexually Liberated Woman is more than just a podcast, it's a designated safe space to explore, heal, and express women and femme sexuality in a sex-saturated, sex-negative culture where our sexuality is still taboo and where our bodies (and what we choose to do with them) are still being policed.


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Liberate your sexuality.